Build your edge, one trade at a time

Trading journal features for the most diligent trader.

Log your option trades

As you trade with your multiple brokers, you can keep track of it all over here. As well as annotate each trade with detailed notes to maximize your learnings.

Evolve your trading

Use our advanced analytics to see your profit areas, longs, shorts, wins, losses, you name it, we track them.

Trade Attachments

Attach pictures of charts or any relevant contextual information to your trades log. Go back to it to learn how different setups performed and improve your trading.

Get inspired

Use our stock tools such as technical analysis indicators, detailed charts, market news to find interesting securities and companies.

Analyst Ratings

Be the first to know when your favorites stock have been upgraded by industry analysts. Use this signal to adjust your positions and stay ahead.

Unusual Options Actvity

Hunt Unusual Market Activity. Options tooling and alerts for the little guy. Find out about big movements as they happen, and have the tools to act on them.


Mobile App

Beautifully designed. Specially engineered to help you trade better. On the go.

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